Eight conservation shophouses meet seven local architects—a collective project integrating contemporary design and creative functionality seamlessly with the traditional charm of the archetypal shophouse form.

The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series is a boutique development involving a row of 1920s shophouses on a quaint street in Geylang. Selected architects integrate the best of both worlds—every shophouse has a similar, carefully-conserved façade, but each door opens up into an intriguingly different spatial experience, with each shophouse having their own uniquely designed stand-out features.

Considerable design freedom was accorded to the invited local architects, allowing them to explore the potential of each shophouse, breaking away from the standard design duplication present in most residential developments, refreshing notions of shophouse-living. The curatorial approach taken to this development project allows tenants and residents to have their cake and eat it too — enjoying both the harmonious beauty of the collective exteriors, as well as the individualistic characterizations of interior worlds they can be proud to call home.

The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series was initiated and executed by Pocket Projects, a development consultancy firm specialising in boutique projects outside of the mainstream.